Loan Types: Credit Cards, Student & Auto Loans

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Introduction to the World of Loans

The mortgage industry is not the only industry to offer loans whose terms can sometimes be confusing to consumers. Other types of loans can pose challenges to anyone who isn’t yet familiar with all the options, or who is not aware of the more common errors that consumers can make. Even reading the back of the credit card application with its paragraphs of fine print can leave one wondering why borrowing money has to be so complicated. Fortunately, LoanBiz.com is here to make it simple.

Credit Cards

Credit Cards are more common then checks as a payment method, but attached to these cards are loans carrying variable interest rates with finance charges assessed on daily periodic rates. Many cards also include various fees as well as rewards, rebates, and a host of other features which vary from card to card. Consumers ready to add a new card to their collection or considering an offer to transfer balances from several cards to a new card have a lot to examine before they can be assured that they are making the best decision. Learn more about credit cards.  

Automotive Loans

Auto loans can be quite simple. But many consumers don’t shop around for the best automotive loan. It is amazing how many people will compare dealerships searching for the best price, but then fail to explore more than one financing option. It may be quick and convenient to take the first offer, which often comes from the finance company recommended by the dealership, but in many cases it is possible to get a better rate simply by shopping around. And the chance to save money doesn’t stop there. With interest rates dropping, this may be a great time to consider a 36-month refinance or similar automotive refinancingLearn more about auto financing.  

Student Loans

Acquiring a Student Loans is something many people are only likely to do once or twice in a lifetime, and most high schools don’t offer a course in how to obtain a student loan. Therefore, most consumers receive little preparation for this event. LoanBiz provides a basic education in student loans, so that the right student loan can provide advanced education in a college, community college or university. Ready to begin a lifetime of education? Learn more about student loans.

Credit Card Loans
Auto Loans
Student Loans
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