Loan Glossary

No Income Documentation Loans:

Often grouped together despite their subtle differences, "light documentation", "no-income verification" and "quick qualifier", or "QQ" loans are a solution for many buyers who have income from sources that are hard to verify. Usually these loans are used by self-employed borrowers who have difficulty verifying all of their income, or by borrowers with very complex income structures. For example, a borrower who has income primarily from rental properties and investments may be hesitant to verify all sources of income due to the volumes of paperwork this would require. With a no income documentation loan, the borrower can simply state his income on the application, and the lender will use this stated income to qualify the loan. Why do lenders do this? Because they recognize that by charging a slightly higher rate of interest they can rely on this stated income of the borrower and cover the additional risk. Lenders do in fact rely on verifying that the borrower has assets that logically match the stated income, along with excellent credit.