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Record-Setting Week Means Good News for Mortgage Shoppers

December 18th, 2008

It was a record-setting week all around, which adds up to good news for mortgage shoppers:

While economic weakness is enough to give some home buyers pause, it is important to remember this same economic weakness is creating the extraordinary buying opportunity.

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Walk Away from Mortgage? Not Anymore

April 14th, 2008

An April 13th article from the San Francisco Chronicle stated that it will be more costly than ever to walk away from a mortgage just because the investment didn’t pan out. New guidelines bar lenders from making Fannie Mae loans to applicants who went through foreclosure within 5 years unless they can prove extenuating circumstances. And even after 5 years the borrowers will have to come up with at least 10 percent down and have gotten their credit scores back up to at least 680. Rival mortgage clearing house Freddie Mac indicated that it is going after walk-away borrowers in court to collect deficiencies (the difference between what a borrower owes and what the lender gets in a foreclosure sale). Fannie and Freddie’s actions should be far-reaching — 76% of all new mortgages are bought by the giants and must therefore meet their guidelines. These actions should be welcomed by taxpayers and homeowners alike — very few neighborhoods haven’t felt the blight of a foreclosure and the resulting hit to the adjacent property values, and making those truly responsible face their consequences should lighten the burden for everyone else.