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Foreclosure News Dampens Improving Economic Data

June 5th, 2008

Even though stocks have rallied lately on improved economic news, mortgage foreclosures continue to hang like a cloud over the scene.

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When You Assume…

May 7th, 2008

If you have an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) you have probably been bombarded with solicitations and exhortations to “fix it” before rates go sky-high. You are right to be concerned about the future but jumping into the nearest fixed rate mortgage could be a costly move.

Looking at recent ARM rate adjustments tells the story. Rates for many ARM borrowers have decreased lately. Before making any decision about refinancing to nail down a stable rate, get out your loan documents, find the Adjustable Rate Mortgage Rider, and look up the terms of your ARM. Locate the index that your rate is tied to (for example, the LIBOR, COFI, or T-Bill). The index is a published financial indicator and you should be able to look up its value easily online. This week’s 6-month LIBOR, for example, is 2.88%. Next, find the margin that your lender adds to the index to get your interest rate. If your loan is based on the 6-month LIBOR and carries a margin of 2.5%, your rate would be 5.38% if adjusting today.

OK, but what if a lender calls you up and says you can get a fixed loan at 6% right now? Should you go for it?

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