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Should older borrowers refinance?

How old is too old to refinance? A recent Reuters article weighed in on the wisdom of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke refinancing his mortgage loan at the age of 57, just two years after his last refinance. With interest rates near historic lows, some baby boomers may be thinking about refinancing their mortgage loans to improve their financial situation. Here are some things to consider before applying for a refinance when you are near — or even past — retirement age.

  1. How many years do you have left on your current mortgage? Each time you refinance you are setting back the clock on your mortgage loan amortization schedule. Starting over with a new loan means that most of your monthly payments will go toward interest payments during the early years of the loan. So decide whether it is worth it to refinance your current loan and stretch out the payment for a longer period of time.
  2. Can you refinance into a shorter term? Refinancing into a 15-year term could make sense if you have already paid down a lot of principal on your current home loan. Depending upon how much principal you owe, your monthly payments could actually increase with a 15-year mortgage.
  3. Are you still working? Being employed with a healthy income can improve your chance of getting approved for refinancing. Mortgage lenders are scrutinizing financial information of potential borrowers to determine if they are a good risk. Your credit score and other information such as savings and assets will factor into whether you get approved for a loan. If you have already retired, it will likely to tough to get approved for refinancing, but you may qualify for reverse mortgage. Reverse loans allow people aged 62 and up to convert some of their home equity to cash.

Refinancing a mortgage loan can work for some older people. But take time to compare several mortgage quotes to get all the information you need about doing a refinance so you don’t end up struggling to make monthly payments well into your golden years.

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