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Should You Buy a Home for Your College Student?

College expenses can put a serious dent in your wallet. Although many students qualify for financial aid, parents may still be expected to contribute to tuition and housing costs. Does it make sense to buy a condo or house for a college student instead of having them live in a dorm? Here areĀ 5 things to consider before beginning a house hunt.

  1. Do you need a home loan to pay for the purchase? If so, are you really in a position financially to take on monthly mortgage payments? Use a mortgage payment calculator to figure out how much house you might be able to afford.
  2. Expect mortgage lenders to scrutinize your credit history. Lenders want to know that if they underwrite a home mortgage, that you are able to pay it back. Mortgage lenders are going to want to see proof of income, assets, investments, and tax returns. Also expect to provide documentation that you have made mortgage payments on time for the house you live in.
  3. Don’t expect Junior to pay the mortgage each month. Unless your college student has a steady income and expects to work full-time, it is unlikely that your child can make the mortgage payments. If your student is attending school full-time, that should be considered a job. Any money earned from a part-time job can be used for food and household expenses.
  4. Are you able to afford utilities and maintenance costs? If you already own a home, you know that there always seems to be something that needs to be fixed or replaced. Also factor in the cost of routine maintenance such as mowing grass and snow plowing if your child won’t be doing the work.
  5. Be honest with yourself–is your kid responsible enough to maintain a home? You don’t want to invest in a property only to have your college student trash the place. Also, consider your child’s maturity level. When you consider everything, you may decide that living in a dormitory is a better option.

Finally, have you checked out rentals near the college campus? Before shopping around for mortgage loans and visiting open houses, see what types of properties are available in the area. You may find an apartment, condo, or homeĀ for rent that is suitable for your student and much cheaper than applying for a mortgage to buy a property.

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