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Mortgage Acceleration Pros and Cons

The troubled economy has caused some homeowners to consider accelerating their mortgage loan payments. Although many financial experts caution against paying off a home loan early, many people are ignoring that advice and focusing on owning their homes faster.

Mortgage Interest

One of the most common reasons given to discourage people from paying off a mortgage early is because they won’t be able to deduct the interest they paid on their income tax returns.

Before you accept this argument hook, line, and sinker, use a mortgage payment calculator to see if the amount of interest you can deduct on a tax return beats what you can save on interest by aggressively attacking mortgage principal.

Saving and Investing

Another argument against paying off a home mortgage early involves the notion that you could earn more by investing the money you would put toward extra payments. In some cases you would earn more by investing the money. But it’s important to stay true to yourself and decide what type of risk you want to take with your cash.

Are you going to feel more secure with your money in the stock market or some other type of investment, or are you going to be happier knowing that you are going to own your home free and clear in a few years? Only you can decide if mortgage acceleration is right for your situation.

How to Accelerate Mortgage Loan Payments

If paying off a home mortgage early appeals to you, consider these popular methods:

  • Make mortgage loan payments biweekly instead of monthly. This amounts to making 13 payments a year instead of only 12. Although many banks offer to set up biweekly payments for a fee, you can do it on your own. Simply cut your monthly home loan payment in half and pay that amount every two weeks.
  • Use bonuses, tax refunds, and other windfalls to pay down your home loan. Make sure you direct the mortgage lender to apply the funds to your principal.
  • Refinance mortgage to pay it off in 15 years. Depending upon how much principal you owe, expect to see the monthly payments increase. Make sure you have the income to support the higher mortgage payments.

Pay off Other Debt

Finally, when deciding whether or not to pay off a mortgage loan early, consider whether or not you have other debts. If you have high interest credit card debt or other loans, use extra cash to pay them off before turning your attention to acclerating mortgage payments. 

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