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After rock bottom comes the bounce

CNN is trailing yet another doom-and-gloom report. This one, which will be out later today, predicts that we’re less than three weeks away from yet another miserably depressing milestone. Together, American homeowners will apparently have lost two trillion dollars in the value of their homes by December 31st.

For those amongst us (and I’m certainly one) who struggle to comprehend just how much a trillion is–let alone two–this is what it looks like:


Just count those zeros.

But as someone commented on my Friday blog, we have reason to remain positive. Or, more likely, become positive.

For anyone who has spare cash, now is a great time to pick up real estate bargains. And the same applies to anyone with a good or reasonable credit rating who needs a mortgage. Property prices are low. Mortgage rates are low. Government help is available. What more can you ask?

Now might just be the perfect time to get in before the market hits rock bottom and the inevitable bounce begins.

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