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Perfect Storm for Home Buyers

For once, “It’s a Great Time to Buy!” isn’t just a bunch of real estate industry hype. Remember, these people were crowing, “It’s a great time to buy!” right up to the moment the housing market crashed and proved that salespeople are not the best industry forecasters, duh. But current economic and market conditions are in fact creating an environment for buyers that may be extremely favorable but not long-lived.

Incentives created by the newly-signed housing bill HR 3221 are designed to provide a quick shot to the housing market and may not be around long. Effective immediately, there is a first-time buyer credit (which others not technically “first-time” buyers may qualify for as well) of $7500, but it expires July 1, 2009. Conforming, FHA, and VA loan limits, which were raised as part of the economic stimulus package, will drop in many areas, although the new law raises the limits somewhat higher than limits in place before the stimulus package passed.

In addition, interest rates have been inching up. While still relatively low, many economists feel that rates are far more likely to increase than decrease in the coming years. And while buyers can’t be absolutely certain that the housing market has completely bottomed out, most experts say that the only way you know prices have hit bottom is when they rebound–and at that point its too late to take advantage of it.

What today’s buyers can take advantage of are lower home prices, fairly low mortgage rates, tax relief, and higher loan limits (meaning lower prices and greater availability for financing). If you can afford it and home ownership makes sense, you may never find a better time than the present to make a solid investment.

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